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5000lbs. Cert-A-Lift III Pallet Lifter


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Pallet Lifter w/Crosby Hardware 6000lb Capacity

The LHR Cert-A-Lift Pallet Lifter provides for the safe moving of palleted loads via crane. The Pallet Lifter converts the overhead crane into a forklift truck, allowing pallets to be moved throughout an area where forklift trucks cannot access or where crane access is necessary.The Cert-A-Lift Pallet Lifter is specially designed for lifting Palletized loads. The four-point lifting sling allows for an evenly distributed and balanced load. The quick release lugs permit easy hook-up. A floating low profile spreader ring reduces windage. Meets and Exceeds A.S.M.E B30.20-1993 U.S.Patent No. 6,565,36. Now with Crosby hardware.