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AFC 5 Keg Greases

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Whitmore’s Anti-Friction Composition is a series of high performance sodium-based greases that are designed for use in slow-moving applications as encountered in industries such as mining, primary metals, cement, and aggregate production.

The AFC greases are fibrous, stringy, and adhesive. Excess grease will form a collar or lip around the seal. This helps in keeping out dust and contaminants.

AFC greases can be used in any bearing or other application where conventional grease is appropriate for lubrication; however they are particularly effective on plain bushings, whether Babbitt, bronze, or leaded steel.

The natural adhesiveness of Whitmore’s AFC greases provides excellent film forming characteristics and outstanding resistance to pound out.

AFC greases meet the Extraction Procedure Toxicity guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency, which excludes them from the stringent storage and disposal requirements of the EPA Hazardous Waste law.

Maximum DN factor for
AFC No. 5 (NLGI grade 2): 180,000
Maximum continuous temperature: 200°F (93°C)
Maximum occasional temperature: 250°F (121°C)
Appearance: Black, stringy, adhesive


  • EXTREME LOAD-CARRYING ABILITY – protects from seizure during shock loads.
  • REDUCES FRICTION AND WEAR – fortified with EP additives to provide longer equipment life.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT – lowers friction drag for reduced amperage draw.
  • PROTECTS UNDER ADVERSE CONDITIONS – tough adhesive and cohesive thickener.
  • SEALS OUT CONTAMINANTS – forms a fibrous seal to protect moving parts from dust.


Choose AFC greases where lubricated components are subjected to high load, slow speed, and contamination.

Recommended for conveyor bearings, calendars, rubber mill bearings, and motor bearings in dusty conditions. Use in bearings in the primary metals or mining industries that operate under high load at slow speeds, i.e., crushers, shaker screens, pelletizers, and centrifuges.

AFC greases are not suitable for use under water.

Size and Type Container: Keg

Weight: 134 LBS.