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EZY-PAK #100 Packing Compound Containing PTFE

Part Number: '97081

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Under pressure, EZY-PAK #100 will conform to any shape forming a gasket or packing seal. Under heat and pressure, a small amount of binder may leak from the fittings. Reinjection of compound under pressure will activate the seal forming an almost pure PTFE sealing material.

Contains a high content of ground PTFE particles held together with a minimum amount of inert binder.

EZY-PAK #100 may be used in all applications requiring a chemically resistant packing such as stuffing boxes, bearing packings, valve stems, flange gaskets, etc. EZY-PAK #100 will conform to any shape when injected under pressure making it ideal for use in Oilfield, Petrochemical, Power Generation, Industrial Plants, and Marine applications. Its widely used as packing material for stuffing boxes, pumps, packing glands, etc.

Not for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers.