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EZY-TURN #12 Gate Valve Sealant & Body Filler Lubricant

Part Number: '95522

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EZY-TURN #12 is formulated from a blend of vegetable oils and polymers to ensure reduced torque requirements for valve operation while providing a leak-proof seal.

EZY-TURN #12 is an ideal general purpose sealant, designed to be injected into the valve body using a high pressure lubricator.

Use with expanding gate type valves incorporating body cavities and contains inhibitors to protect against the corrosive affects of H?S and rust generating chemicals. Can be used in direct contact with both gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons. Designed to be injected and can be used on Christmas trees or line valves. Will lower torque.

Not for use with oxygen or strong oxidizers such as hydrogen peroxide or sulfuric acid.


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